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CK|S Cartel Chapter Edition Tees

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CK|S Cartel Chapter Edition Tees

The CK|S Cartel Mods Chapter of Orange County, California. 

The chapters concept was conceived through a popular design that CK|S created called “The Social Club Tee.” The design of this t-shirt was inspired by motorcycle clubs. The main attraction to this style was the representation of brotherhood and camaraderie behind these clubs. The “Social Club Tee” is a direct translation of such a society designed to represent the alliance within the vape community. Because MC’s thrived through different chapters, CK|S adopted a similar concept in their current chapters program where the finest diversified businesses were sought after through each city across the world.

With intentions to unify businesses that share a similar passion and vision within the industry, the chapter campaign creates a unique network of the industry’s best organizations. Some of the beneficial factors of becoming an official chapter are that shops chosen are permitted and encouraged to hold special CK|S branded and sponsored events and/or meets, opportunities to host the official Cloud Kicker Circuit- one of the fastest growing cloud competitions in the nation, and an endless amount of networking and marketing opportunities amongst CK|S and other associated chapters.