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What do I do if my mod is broken?

Please fill out the form located on our website. Be sure to read the policy regarding our limited warranty and a Cartel representative will get back to you with instructions on to send it back.

Here is the link:

**Note: Do NOT ship your unit without contacting someone from Cartel Mods first.

How do I update the firmware on my mod?
You can download the software here: and update your mod that way.

What is the Cartel Revenant 160’s warranty?
All of our mods have a ninety (90) day limited warranty, which you can get more information on by contacting us at or reading it on our website under the Warranty Information section.

Can I choose my own colors?
Unfortunately, you cannot choose a specific color if you buy it from our website. You can, however, choose from one of our three colorways: Hope, Rage, Envy. Hope is more our vibrant colors (blues, yellows, greens, purples, etc.). Rage is more of our redder colors (red, orange, yellow, etc.). Envy is our darker colors (dark blues, blacks, dark greens, etc.)

What do I do if my battery door lock/latch broke?
You can purchase a replacement door under accessories on our website. Under the Warranty Information, click on Tutorial Videos and there is a how to replace your battery door video there as well.

Can I repair my own mod?
You most certainly can repair your own mod to the extent of the videos that are listed above and/or you an experienced vaper. Under no circumstance should you put any type of glue or any adhesive to repair your mod because that will most certainly void the warranty.

Who do I contact for wholesale?
You can contact our sales department at or give us a call at our phone number located on our “Contact Us” section.

Can I charge my mod through the USB charger?
You can, but we do not recommend using the USB charger. For better charging, we recommend using an external battery charger. The USB cable is recommended only for updating the firmware.

How long does it take for a repair to get done?
Not counting shipping time, it takes anywhere from 24-72 hours to make necessary repairs on your unit. It also varies depending passing QC which may take an additional day.

What shipping company do you use?
Most shipping go through UPS. USPS is occasionally used.

Where do I download the Cartel Revenant 160 firmware update?

Do you accept returns?
We do accept returns from our website only and we do charge a 20% restocking fee. If your package was already shipped to you, we also cannot refund shipping cost.

I bought it from a shop/other online store, can I return it to you directly?
Unfortunately, no you cannot return it to us directly, but we will repair or, if we cannot repair, replace your unit if it is faulty, as long as it is within our limited warranty.

I hate the color that I got, can I exchange it with something else?
Unfortunately, we cannot do anything about this, as it is stated on our website that the colors will be randomly selected based upon the base color you decide to choose from our provided color ranges.

What is the difference between and
Revenant Vape and Cartel Mods are two separate companies, but we both collaborated together to make the Cartel Revenant 160W Mod.

What is the “Staff Select”?
Every few weeks, one person from Cartel will choose nine of his or her favorite units. It will be posted online for someone to buy directly. That gives everyone a chance to buy the exact mod that is shown on the website!