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Juice Special 8-Pack 30ml

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Juice Special 8-Pack 30ml


Pick your own juice combination!   * XANIC BLANC - LUSSO 30ML 3mg Bottles is sold out, we will replace with two 18mLs * 


Xanic Blanc - Bianco: A sweet rendition of a strawberry funnel cake with subtle hints of pastry and whipped cream flavors that culminate into a delicious and savory blend.

Xanic Blanc - Crema: As real as it gets, this is a true orange creamsicle that will definitely satisfy your sweet citrus cravings.

Xanic Blanc - Lusso: Honeydew Milky Melon with a hint of freshness on every exhale.

Xanic Blanc - Zucco: Do you like Desserts? this creamy butter croissant donut will sure satisfy your sweet tooth!

Nectar Apple: A smooth, ripe, and crisp apple juice that's freshly picked and juiced into a bottle.

Nectar Guava: A fresh and ripe tropical guava that will have you feeling like you're laying on the white sand beaches of Mexico.